Monday, October 02, 2006

News Paper article on the South African drivers liscencing problem in South Africa

An attempt at Grace

What can be said about the South African liscencing system, that has not already been said, newspaper articles and reports have constantly berated the system for its slow progress, and lack of efficency, when applying for and recieveing the Liscence, the poor quality of service offered to those there, the often understaffed and over stressed workers that have to attempt to deal with the endless streams of people that seem to flock to the department for one of the many numerous procedures that the department of education has paced forward. Yet in spite of this I went about looking for the good that has come out of the System, the positive side of the South African , drivers system, and attempt to deal with some of the negative stigma that has been places on our national liscencing system.

To being this I undertook a trip to the Pinetown department of traffic in an attempt to gain a card liscence for my nearly expired paper one. On arriving I was met with a most un encouraging site to my article, and Officer, who we shall term Joe for now was screaming at learner who had just stepped out of the car after driving it into and over a pole while parallel parking. Sure that that should not have happened, went to ask her what had happened after the officer had left. In tears she stated that he said he had a bad day and She had made it worse. I soon departed the scene with the incident I had just witnessed in mind hoping never to have to endure it again.

On entering the building where I was suppose to collect the card I was met with line upon lone of people queing up for one of more problem that needed to be resolved. In total there must have been close to one hundred people in the small building all cramped together, in different lines, most of those meshing and crossing and one or another point. Giving the department a the benefit of the doubt that the chaos was coincidental and not a part of any form of malfunction that they had any control over, I went about looking for the correct line to stand in when collecting the card. I found three lines which seemed to all lead to the same station where only one person out of a possible three was doing anything to aid the situation, the other was sitting in a chair having coffee, and the third was nowhere to be seen. Slightly agitated I looked around to see if any of the other lines where moving any faster, and to my disgust I saw that there was only one person managing the cashiers desks leaving the other four booths empty.

At this point as any rational citizen would be, I was becoming rather upset by the systems poor sense of efficency. Yet decided to give them the benefit of the doubt once again enough to enquire about why there were so few people manning the station, the officer in question stated that it was lunch, and while not directly implying it hinted that he was surprised that anyone was staying to work during the hour and a half allocated to them for lunch, and with that he left.

Stunned I stood there, silenced by the ease that he had stated they kept now over 100 people waiting while they ate lunch. All thoughts about the positive qualities of our department had left me at this point, and enraged I stormed out of there disgusted by the lack of commitment, qualification and professionalism shown by the department.

With that this reporter ends his quest for the positives of the liscencing system and hopes that people will able to rise up against the poor service, professionalism shown by eh department and will be able to force a change within it.


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